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Everwind GmbH started with the initial mission of marketing and service for Partners, casting components for WTG. We form good relationships with top WTG manufacturers and create our reputation through our service, bring mutual benefit for partners in supplier-customer relationship.

We continue to improve foundry technology and better service, meanwhile, most important, we’re very confidential to say we now start to work for Solar Energy, the most and easiest way for human to get energy in this world. 

2021.08 Start to work in Solar Energy with battery storage system, mounting system and module
2016.12 Consulting for filtration technology to foundry, training foundrymen of casting supplier
2013.09 Cooperate with supplier and customer about cored wire in molten iron treatment
2012.07 Start to create network in Europe for better service to customer
2010.08 Cooperate with Liang City as agent to introduce high tech. & science products
2009.03 Start to work with partners on foundry Tech/Materials to improve casting performance
2008.10 Start to offer service after sales to wind turbine casting manufacturers 
2008.03 Founded in Duesseldorf with main business Wind Energy.


  • Casting components for WTG
  • Consulting on proper materials and technical services for foundry.
  • On behalf on supplier offer services after sell to customers in Europe.
  • Work with partner for turn-key service for PV energy


  • Inoculant / Cored Wire / and other Foundry material
  • Filtration technology / filters
  • Wind energy metal components service after sales (consulting, measuring, testing, repairing)
  • PV Mounting System (fixed system / fixed-adjustable system / tracker system)
  • PV Battery Storage System
  • PV Module

Solar Energy

PV Module

PV Module for Solarparks, commericial properties and residential buildings.

Excellent Cell Efficiency

MBB technology decreases the distance between busbar and finger grid line which is benefit to power increase.

More power output in weak light condition, such as haze, cloudy and early morning.

Adapt to Harsh Outdoor Environment

Resistant to harsh environments such as salt, ammonia, sand, high temperature and high humidity environment. Luftfeuchtigkeit.


Work as agent of Singsun Energy China, strong partner from R&D to manufacturing, with more than 30GW mounting system installed worldwide since 2013. 
Production for commercial application as distributed mounting system, and for solar park as Fixed mounting system GQ-F and adjustable mounting system GQ-A.
Life span more than 25 years with strength of more than 23 year of galvanization.

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Fixed Mounting System



Ajustable / Tracking Mounting



More just Solar battery storage. Combined with Hybrid inverter from Deye, Luxpower and LFP battery from Dowell, our system transfers sun light to your energy smoothly. With 10 years´ experience in the battery electricity storage industry the manufacturers is dedicated to the development of technological products for lithium battery energy storage in different scenarios.

iPack C3,3 Battery

Modular Design:
Support one person installation

Safe Performance:
LFP chemistry, more than 8000 life cycles

6 batteries can be parallel-connected

Luxury Design:
Compact and light with stainless Aluminium cover

iPack C3.3 Download
BESS 3.3kwh Download
Compatible Inverter List Download

iPack C6,5 Battery

Reliable LFP battery, advanced two-sided terminal technology, non-flammable

16 batteries in maximum parallel, from 6.5kWh to 104kWh

Advanced BMS:
Monitoring battery status and reporting alarms in real-time

Long Service life:
10-year lifespan, more than 8000 life cycles

Easy Installation:
Wall-mounted or floor-standing, small footprint

iPack C6.5 Download
BESS 6.5kwh Download
Compatible Inverter List Download

iOne / All in One

Reliable LFP battery, non-flammable

Stackable, EV charger option, zero-carbon, Low or High Voltage, One or Three Phases upon Choice, Capacity 8-28 KWh

Advanced BMS:
Monitoring battery status and reporting alarms in real-time

Long Service life:
10-year warranty, more than 8000 life cycles

Easy Installation:
One person 20 min finished, WiFi, Bluetooth

iOne Download
iPower Inverter Download
iPack Battery (HV) Download

Luxpower Hybrid Inverter

Hybrid Inverter:
Single phase, low voltage, 2 MPPT, Max. DC input 13A, Sine Wave output.


Long lifespan:
5 Year Waranty

Free APP :
Friendly and easy to use.

Catalog_2022 Download
User Manual Download
Luxpower Handbook Download

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Deye Hybrid Inverter

Hybrid Inverter:
Three Phases, 2 MPPT, Low Voltage Battery, Higher Yields, Smart, Load balance automatically phase to phase, Safe & Reliable, User Friendly.

Long lifespan:
5 years Warranty

Free APP :
Easy to use.

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Deye Micro Inverter

Micro Inverter:
Single phase, 2 MPPT, Wifi, Smart, Load balance automatically, User Friendly.

Safe & Reliable, Long lifespan:
IP67, 10 Years Warranty

Free APP :
Easy to use.

Catalog Download
Handbook Download
Certificate VDE4105 Download

Certificate VDE0126 Download



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Wind Energy

Wind Energie

Today, wind power is one of the most popular renewable energies in the world. Due to technical innovations and constant competition, larger turbines with increasing capacities have become more and more popular. In order to achieve this goal, all components of a wind turbine must be constantly improved and rethought. We are continuously working on improvements in order to be able to offer cast components with outstanding properties.

Hub (EN-GJS-400-18U-LT)

Main Frame (EN-GJS-400-18U-LT)

Test Service

Measurement Service

Work for Solution



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