- casting components for WTG and other industry supply

- Key materials for foundry and technical product for testing and mechanical engineering.

- Consulting on proper materials and technical services for foundry.

- On behalf on supplier offer services after sell to customers in Europe, including coordination and implementation.

- We can also assistant you build up supply chain from China for WTG and other engineering sectors.


We get our inquiries of our customers and partners in Asia but also in Europe, usually about sourcing and selling of key materials for foundry and technical products for mechanical engineering. (For similar products please contact us please.) We are looking for the article, and do the entire process for you.

We import / export on your behalf from China and find qualified suppliers for you.

As we focus on high performance casting products, we Ex / Import fine foundry materials and technology to our partners:


  • Carburizing Compound


  • Cored Wire


  • Inoculant


  • Nodularizer


  • Ceramic Filter


  • Silicium Filter